Memories: So much more than a cake. . .

"So long, I can't remember when. . ."

An Appalachian Widow and 9 Children, Circa 1929

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Goat Keeping 101 reference

How to SUCCESSFULLY raise goats kids on a bottle. Do not USE milk replacer ever. Follow this schedule, and you will have healthy kids

Sometimes, in all of our thinking of what we do not possess or what we have lost, we are unable to reflect on what we still Have or fortunately found along our way. . .

Donald was elected, America whines and I sigh

Now I lay be down to sleep, and no matter who is elected, I pray the Lord my Soul to Keep

If you are beating, starving or raping your child. . .that must be the end of your rights as a parent forever. We have a system that works FOR THOSE PARENTS, Not the Children. Why?

The Average Breed PRODUCTION Numbers in Dairy goat Herds on Milk test / DHIR for 2015

I think of her so often, daily. . .so much, I'm not thankful for what I have still