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Goats I Have Known:

The Caprine Campaign

My take on Heroin, Raw Milk and Joe Fincham

Politics, Friends and a Common Ground

Please know that you can still be "good" everywhere your hands find a need, and that is enough. Everywhere your hand finds. . .

One of Many Lies We've Swallowed in 2016, and it is only March: Raw Milk Made No One Sick at the WV Legislature, but that Has Not Stopped the Media or the Sheeple

The most defining moment. . .

Raw Milk at the Capitol in West Virginia: A Rumor is Not News; What Happened to Journalism?

West Virginia Raw Milk, there is no proof milk has made Legislators Sick: the media knows this

Food Freedom win in West Virginia: Raw Milk is Legal in WV through Herdshares